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Metaphysical Awareness and Healing

  • How to create a protected sacred space for healing.
  • How to form a “Sacred Circle”.
  • Creating an “inner eye” healing room for long distance clients.
  • How to call and feel the presence of your Guides and Angels of the Light.
  • How to locate and remove Entities and Energetic cords.
  • How to feel and see Auras and Chakras (some people can do both).
  • Colors and how they apply to Auras and Chakras.
  • Martial arts meditation: How to push your Aura into the street to feel what is happening.
  • Pendulums and dowsing rods, for healing and locating Energy vortexes.
  • Energy grids and vortexes.
  • Crystals in healing.
  • The use of herbs, flower essences, herbal oils and element water.