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Currently at this time I will only be doing online Astrology/Oracle Cards and Phone Consultations. Please call to make an appointment (650)572-8850.


Astrology is a fantastic tool for exploring your basic nature.

When you took your first breath, the position of the stars and planets at that moment became your astrology chart.

It helps you understand why you are the way you are.

It gives insight into how you relate to people and the world.

It helps you find and focus on goals.

If you have questions about your life path, career, spiritual path or relationships, call Astrologer Elizabeth Barton for a professional life-enhancing consultation.

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Types of consultation sessions:


This consultation is an in-depth analysis of your birth chart. A birth chart is calculated for when you took your first breath.  A birth/natal chart can also be calculated for the start of any enterprise or thing; like the start of a business. To calculate a birth/natal chart, you will need to provide me the time, place and date of the birth of the person or enterprise.
$180.00     Natal Chart– Printout and Zoom recording sent by email


This consultation explores what is transpiring currently in your life and what energy is about to come into it.  If you are aware that the energy in your life is altering, you can take the necessary precautions to alter the outcome. Liken this to knowing a storm is coming, so you take a rain coat with you when you leave the house.

After your initial session it is best to have this chart done yearly just prior to your birthday.

$180.00     Current Chart– Printout and Zoom recording sent by email


This is the most popular consultation!  It combines the Natal and the Current Cycle with Solar Return.

$180.00      Consolidation chart – Printout and Zoom recording sent by email

Astrology Services

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards help clarify any situation a person is experiencing and or they can help guide the person in making decisions.  I prefer to do the sessions in person but they can be done via Skype. Since most questions can be clarified in 15 minutes or half an hour, they are the only two payment options.  See below.
Note:  At the end of my astrology sessions I do an oracle card reading to verify the context/theme of the astrology reading.  Every astrology session has a message for the client.  When the client chooses cards that have the same message, they realize they are experiencing divination for real.

The Oracle cards used are:

  • The Goddess Oracle deck by Marashinsky and Janto
  • The Osho Zen Tarot by Osho
  • The Wisdom of Avalon Deck by Colette Baron-Reid
  • On occasion I will be directed by Spirit to use another deck.

Oracle Card Readings