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Astrology History

A Brief Note on Western Astrology

In the beginning, Astrology and Astronomy were one, two parts of a Divine Science.

This system was developed by the Babylonians in the second millennium BCE.

It was an adaptation and refinement of the Sumerian celestial observation techniques, which equated earth occurrences such as victory, good harvests, and invasion, with where the planets and stars rose and set during the year.

The cuneiform tablets (circa 1626 BCE), depicting the Sumerian creation poem, Enuma Anu Enlil, found in the library of King Ashurbanipal (668-627 BCE) and are the oldest records of Astrology we have discovered so far.

During this time, Astrology was for the rulers of societies, not for the common person.

The first recorded personal horoscope of a commoner was found on a cuneiform tablet dated 435 BCE.

Western Astrology as it is practiced today started around 100 CE.

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