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Energy Work

Around 20 years ago, I started having encounters with Archangels through my dreams and meditation.  At the time I did not believe in Angels and didn’t want anything to do with them.  But when the Archangels choose to work through you, guess who wins!

Needless to say, my life as it existed was completely transformed and I had to build a new life.  Via mystical experiences and the life lessons the Angels tossed in my path, I have ended up here, opening my own healing business.  “Mr. Toad's Wild Ride” is one descriptor I use to explain what I went through, but what a blessed ride it has been!

In this healing work, Archangel Gabriel is my main contact, although I have worked with most of the major Archangels.

Even though I am no longer doing in person sessions, my long-time clients tell me the Energy Clearing sessions and Visualizations via Zoom and phone work just as well.

What is Reiki?

REI – is “Spirit”
KI – is “Life Force”

Reiki is a channeled Energy technique rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui.

As I stated earlier, I have been a Reiki Master since August 8th, 2002, and have been delighted to practice in the Bay Area since that time.

Pleasure & Pain

The video "Pleasure and Pain" was made by one of my clients. It tells her story with crippling pain and how she uses Alternative Healing Modalities. I am featured in it

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Soul Retrieval

Have you ever heard someone say, "I have not been the same since the trauma I went through." Or, "I don't feel like I am all here after the car crash."  These are indicators that part of the persons soul broke off and fled to somewhere safe.

Whether it be an emotional shock, physical trauma like being in a car crash, having an operation, or a severe illness, part of a persons soul structure can fragment and hide.

The Shamans job is to go find the soul fragment and bring it back to the person.  When this is done the person feels more like themselves and life can move on.


Spirit Guide / Personal Angel

What is an Angel, and how do I meet mine?

Angels are Energy beings, intermediators between the Divine and humans. Some are good, some are bad.  Some help and will take on a human shape to make it easier for us to comprehend their existence, and some will appear as glorious light!

Each one of us has at least one personal Angel that is with us from birth to death.

In your session you will be taken on a inner visualization to meet your Angel.  Most people feel much safer after meeting their Angel.  I also give you guidance on how to stay in connection.

Here is a BIG tip.......always call on the Angels of Light If you say, "I am calling on all Angels."  You just gave the dark ones permission to enter your life.  And no 'your intention' will not matter, the thought or words vibrations is the power.

What is a Spirit Guide, and how do I meet mine?

A Spirit Guide can be a person, plant or animal that has lived in a physical body. On occasion it can be an archetype or inter-dimensional being like a Fay.

You can have several Spirit Guides at a time.  They are here to help you and also to learn lessons themselves.

When I start a session rarely do I know who is going to show up it is always an adventure!

The more you work with your Angel of Light and Spirit Guides the better life gets.

If you want to know more about Angels, get Gustav Davidson's book called A Dictionary of Angels.

Life Regressions

Mostly people come to me for a past life regression to understand a phobia, a constant pain that has no physical origin, a magnetic relationship, an obsession with a certain time or city, trace a curse, a reoccurring nightmare about a different century or good old curiosity.

Have we lived before? Check out this YouTube site, it's about a little boy who recalls his last life.

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