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Elizabeth ’s thought on Reiki and Long Distance Healing:

Throughout history, most societies have had Hands on Healers.

I believe that Reiki, Chi-Gong, Christian Healing Hands, Pranic Healing, Sacred Touch, Vibrational Energy Healing, and other forms of Energy-healing come from the same source.

If you go deep enough into one of the healing forms, you will find the others.

Imagine the pure light of the Divine Spirit going through the crystalline structure of the physical world, and as it passes through the crystal, it refracts into different vibrant healing colors.

Through each facet, a part of the healing spectrum emerges as a different but compatible healing technique.

Like the jar the Goddess Kwan Yin holds, the jar that pours out the compassion of the Divine, the healer is just a vehicle for the Divine.  Through the healer, the Divine flows and find its way to express itself through human touch.  Reiki is one of these modalities.

If matter is truly a variant of Energy, then we, and everything else, are forms of Energy.