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Elizabeth ’s thoughts on Reiki:

Throughout history, most societies have had Hands on Healers.

I believe that Reiki, Chi-Gong, Christian Healing Hands, Pranic Healing, Sacred Touch, Vibrational Energy Healing, and other forms of Energy-healing come from the same source.

If you go deep enough into one of the healing forms, you will find the others.

Imagine the pure light of the Divine Spirit going through the crystalline structure of the physical world, and as it passes through the crystal, it refracts into different vibrant healing colors.

Through each facet, a part of the healing spectrum emerges as a different but compatible healing technique.

Like the jar the Goddess Kwan Yin holds, the jar that pours out the compassion of the Divine, the healer is just a vehicle for the Divine.  Through the healer, the Divine flows and find its way to express itself through human touch.  Reiki is one of these modalities.

If matter is truly a variant of Energy, then we, and everything else, are forms of Energy.

What happens during  a Reiki treatment?

When you arrive at the Transformative Therapy Center, you will go into the music filled treatment room and with all your clothes on and you will lie down on a heated table.

I will ask you some questions and may suggest a relaxation exercise, or I will do a guided visualization during the treatment.

I will start by gently placing my hands on your head.

You may notice a change in your emotions and/or your body’s energy as I am working on you, or you may perceive images, sounds, memories or colors.

Remember what happens during the treatment.  If you want, just tell me what is happening when it happens; it is okay to talk during the session.

After the session, do an internal survey, feel for changes, and then talk with me about what you experienced.

To maximize the benefit of your Reiki session, go home, drink lots of water, and if your health permits it, take a bath.  Relax and enjoy!

The five tenets of Reiki:

Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor all beings.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude for everything.

Reiki Master Plus

I also teach a Reiki Master class called "Reiki Master Plus."   This course includes a Reiki Master class, but it is so much more!  It covers several different healing and energy-work techniques, all very compatible with Reiki.  The year long “Reiki Master Plus” course includes the following:

  • Introduction to Master level Reiki.
  • Review the Reiki principles, history and symbols.
  • How to create a protected sacred space for healing.
  • How to form a “Sacred Circle”.
  • Creating an “inner eye” healing room for long distance clients.
  • How to call and feel the presence of your Guides and Angels of the Light.
  • How to locate and remove Entities and Energetic cords.
  • How to feel and see Auras and Chakras (some people can do both).
  • Colors and how they apply to Auras and Chakras.
  • Martial arts meditation: How to push your Aura into the street to feel what is happening.
  • Pendulums and dowsing rods, for healing and locating Energy vortexes.
  • Energy grids and vortexes.
  • Crystals in healing.
  • The use of herbs, flower essences, herbal oils and element water.

During the course, you will be attuned to be a Reiki Master.  You will also attune your own Level 1 & 2 Reiki students.

Former students of this course would be happy to talk with you if you wish.  If you would like to speak with a former student, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will arrange a meeting via telephone or in person.

Students meet monthly for four hours on a weekend.

Reiki Classes

Energy Work Services