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Elizabeth Barton is the most intuitive and accurate astrologer I have ever known. She is also a powerful healer and massage therapist. In addition to receiving massage and healing work from Elizabeth, I have had the honor of working with her on several occasions. The depth of her knowledge, guidance, and understanding is incredible. She is the real deal, a true gift."

- Reverend Felecia Mulvany D.D.
Sacred Foundations non profit

Founder and Accreditation Administrator

Elizabeth is a wonderful body worker and healer. She truly has a gift for healing”

-Kelli Fox

Elizabeth gave me the most complete and extensive astrology reading I have ever received!  The reading revealed where I could harness planetary influences to capitalize on opportunities and diminish obstacles that were in my path.  Elizabeth helped me understand the timelines on what to expect now, as well as into the near future. Elizabeth's readings are incredibly accurate and it's amazing how this kind of information can be utilized to change your life for the better!"

- Becca Thompson- Taga Healing
San Jose

Elizabeth was like a guardian angel sent to me from the heavens. I felt an instant connection with her. She came into my life during a very difficult period, and due in part to her spot-on astrological readings, love and guidance, I was able to understand why I was going through that difficult time and learned how to work my way back to a healthy, happy place. She has also helped me get in touch with my spiritual side which has been amazing."

-Kasey Holman

Elizabeth is a master at holding space for transformation and healing. She provided insight, guidance and support through a chart reading that helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend a session with Elizabeth."

-Melinda Lewis

Elizabeth really took the time before my reading to understand my chart, so that she was able to connect with my life, provide deep insight into my current situations, and help guide me into my future, all with humor and compassion. She is an amazing astrologer, healer, psychic, and a wealth of knowledge about ancient mysteries."

- Shannon Werner

I've had several astrological readings, as I have been interested in and studied astrology for over 35 years. The astrological interpretation, depth and insights that Elizabeth Barton provides are absolutely the best, most comprehensive I've ever experienced. She brings intuitive insights and ACCURACIES that are above and beyond any other astrologer [from whom] I've received a reading. I have the highest regard and recommend Elizabeth for astrological readings.

Furthermore, Elizabeth delicately dances the balancing beam of light with her energy and massage work. Elizabeth is highly intuitive, she is able to recognize the core issues that are hidden with compassion and professionalism. She will indulge you with loving touch, gentle recognition of your problem areas, and sensitivity to your issues. I've been privileged to have her massage work on me and to witness her extraordinary energy work. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss her work."

- Rev. Patricia Hull-Anglin

Elizabeth is a first class astrologer and extraordinary metaphysician who's goal it is to help heal the wounded souls of this world, myself included. Her dedication to her craft - an artform requiring a great knowledge base, experience, and compassion - is second to none. I recommend Elizabeth for whatever your healing journey needs."


Elizabeth performed our wedding ceremony recently and it was a wonderful experience. The three of us worked together beforehand to create the perfect ceremony for us, and under Elizabeth's excellent management, it went flawlessly. We heard from many people afterwards that it was one of the best wedding ceremonies they'd ever been to. I know we'll never forget it! But perhaps the best testimonial to Elizabeth's excellence came from my new 85-year old mother-in-law. After the ceremony, she leaned over to me and said 'Elizabeth did such a lovely job officiating your ceremony. Tell me -- does she do funerals?'"

- Linea Van Horn
Astrologer at Large NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer President,
San Francisco Astrological Society